We are committed to helping people develop and generating wealth for society through job creation.

The commitments we take on at MONDRAGON have their starting point in the aspects that make us stand out. These are clearly the responsibility we have for job creation, the personal and professional development of our workers and a commitment to developing our social environment.

to the WORKERS

Comprehensive people development is our aim; we advocate training, transparency and participation. Training is one of the keys to our success. Our Inter-Cooperative Education and Promotion Fund aims to promote member training and to support research and technology development.
We take measures to create a safe, quality working environment. Preventive health monitoring and constant attention to workplace safety are our main guarantees for providing our workers with a safe, quality environment. This fact is ratified by the workplace accident rates of the MONDRAGON cooperatives.
We get our workers involved in the company project; we promote involvement through our participatory organisation. MONDRAGON works according to a self-management model that encourages people’s independence, motivation and decision-making capacity. We also develop suitable mechanisms to encourage the involvement of the workers and we establish consultation methods for decision-making purposes.
We use a wage solidarity system; we apply a fairer, more equitable wage scale.
To avoid differences between cooperatives, the wage level should be between 90% and 110% of the corporate reference and the workers are paid an amount in line with that of salaried workers from their sectoral and geographical environment.


We promote a cooperative, competitive organisation; we participate in its ownership, management and results, seeking efficiency. The cooperative members’ participation as regards work contribution constitutes MONDRAGON’s own management model. This management model guarantees people’s involvement in the projects, resulting in greater efficiency.
We establish inter-cooperation mechanisms that encourage solidarity between cooperatives.
We produce social and professional training plans for our members and we have a consistent social and labour system. A genuine expression of inter-cooperative solidarity is the fact that the cooperatives contribute part of their yearly surplus to a common fund. This fund is used to finance business projects which, due to their scope or risk, exceed the possibilities of each individual cooperative.
We encourage employment creation, preferably within cooperatives and geared to developing the local environment. MONDRAGON advocates the generation of employment within a cooperative system.In the Industry area 84% of the cooperative staff are cooperative members. The Distribution area implements innovative solutions involving the workers’ participation in the company, and it is immersed in an ambitious cooperativisation plan that will affect 100% of its staff.


Our innovative attitude is the hallmark of our management model, commitment and expression of how we serve society. We closed the financial year 2010 with 144 million euros of investment in R+D+I and with 716 own invention patents. Our innovative stance is channelled through the 14 technology centres and through the cooperatives themselves, which participate in numerous national and international research and technology development projects.
We contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection as an example of efficiency and as a guarantee for the future.
We encourage the development of new future sectors, contributing to transforming the Corporation’s industrial fabric, providing wealth for our surrounding environment and added value employment.
We are involved in promoting our surrounding environment, and we aspire to a fairer, more equitable society. Through our own university, the Caja Laboral credit union, the research centres, the foundations and the companies themselves, we respond to our commitment to improving the environments in which we work.


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