• Eroski

    Its aim is to promote and defend consumer rights and, in particular, offer consumer education and information. Its benchmark project is Eroski Consumer, one of the most popular web portals in Spain.

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  • Ulma Foundation

    This foundation aims to boost the social economy and promote cultural, social, charitable and welfare activities. It is also committed to socio-co-operative and vocational education and training, and disseminating the concept of co-operatives in its region.

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  • MONDRAGON Foundation

    MONDRAGON Foundation promotes social economy among the cooperatives that are part of MONDRAGON Corporation, encouraging professional training and social-cooperative education in them, and supporting research and development aimed at enhancing their technological capabilities.

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  • Mundukide Foundation

    The Mundukide project was created to co-operate with people in the southern hemisphere, sharing experiences, methods and co-operative know-how to encourage their self-managed, integrated development.

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  • Azaro Foundation

    The Azaro Foundation helps to create new innovative economic activities in the Lea-Artibai region. It also disseminates the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation and promotes co-operative values.

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  • Seguros Lagun Aro-Mirada Social

    This foundation does important work in the community in the three areas in which it operates: promotion of traditional sports, actions to promote culture, and starting up initiatives in order to improve the quality of life of people who have been victims of traffic accidents.

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  • Gizabidea

    GIZABIDEA is a foundation that fights to promote culture and education and to generate its own infrastructure and education system to change the lives of citizens and society in general. It is the result of the joint effort of the co-operatives, particularly the FAGOR GROUP, which earmarks part of its profit for research and education.


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