MB Sistemas launches business in Mexico with an order for Gestamp

Thursday, 01 December 2016

The contract, worth $3.5m, is for an advanced welding facility and the end customer is a car manufacturer.

The Mexican subsidiary of MB Sistemas, the industrial automation engineering company owned by Matrici and Batz and forming part of the MONDRAGON Corporation, has recently concluded a $3.5m deal with Gestamp to supply a welding facility in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes. This is the first order for its production subsidiary, based in the city of Puebla, and a major milestone in the career of the Bizkaia-based cooperative as it confirms the success of MB Sistemas’ commitment to expand into the Mexican market.

MB Sistemas’ technical department in Mexico has developed a robotic welding process for assembly of car frame beams. After assembly and start-up of the machines at its production facilities in Puebla, they will then be set up at the plant run by the multinational Gestamp in Aguascalientes to supply these products as part of the forthcoming launch programme by the German brand Daimler.

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