MONDRAGON in 2015 – growth in jobs, turnover and earnings

Tuesday, 07 June 2016

Overall, the Corporation’s cooperatives now have 74,335 workers, following a year in which their sales topped 11 billion euros and total investments amounted to 316 million euros.

Further progress has been made in the internationalisation process, and the number of manufacturing subsidiaries abroad has risen to 128, three more than the previous year.

MONDRAGON has 451 patent families, almost a quarter of all the patents in the Basque Country, with an investment of 153 million euros in R&D.

The Corporation’s chairman, Javier Sotil, has highlighted the upward trend in industrial employment “with the creation of more than 2,100 jobs over the past two years”.
The MONDRAGON Cooperation holds a positive view of the figures for 2015, in which nearly all the indicators have improved over the course of the year.

It has managed to better the level of employment recorded in 2014, with a total of 74,335 people, up 0.4%. Special mention should be made of the industrial cooperatives as a whole, as by the end of the year their workforces had 1,258 more people than the previous year (780 in the domestic market and 478 abroad).

In addition, satisfactory solutions have been found for 1,800 worker-members facing redundancy, through retirement, early retirement, and above all their relocation in other group cooperatives.
The firms and cooperatives that make up the MONDRAGON Corporation posted a turnover of 11.37 billion euros (a year-on-year increase of 2.8%). A highlight was once again the figure for investments, whose total last year amounted to 316 million euros. Over the past five years, the MONDRAGON cooperatives have spent 1.58 billion euros on this item.

These figures, and the moderate growth recorded so far in the first half of 2016, suggest that this upward trend will be upheld throughout the rest of the year, on the back of the Corporation’s high level of diversification and its commitment to innovation in its different business operations.


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