Matrici and Batz obtain a joint order for over 30 million euros from Renault Trucks

Sábado, 12 enero 2008

The success of this contract will require close collaboration with the Volvo Group technicians and engineers, as the tools will be developed in Lyon by means of a simultaneous engineering process.

Due to the demanding nature of the operation, winning this order was made possible by the combination of the skills, technology and experience of Matrici and Batz, both forming part of the Mondragón Tools and Systems Division and who agreed to embark on an intense collaboration in the R+D+i and Purchasing areas in 2003. Although they normally provide their services separately, they occasionally work together on request from the client, as is the case in question. Their joint potential enables them to take on complex, comprehensive projects, and with the backing of the Mondragón Corporation this provides them with an extremely high response capacity to the challenges of today’s die-manufacturing sector.

Batz and Matrici and their subsidiary companies MB Tooling Boroa and MB Tooling Rioja (both specialising in die adjustment and finishing) and MB Lusitania in Lisbon, Portugal (die manufacturers), began their business activity in 2007 and are Europe’s leading Die Manufacturing Group today due to their production capacity and level of technology, also ranking among the five top die-making companies in the world. For this financial year a joint turnover of 120 million euros is expected, 90% of which will be from exports. Their total staff amounts to 830 employees.

The die-making sector has been immersed in a profound international crisis for the last three years, further accentuated by the current financial situation which has caused a 20-30% drop in the Automotive sector’s activity. The unification of the automotive manufacturing platforms, the use of new materials and the growth of the Asian offer has given rise to a major unbalance between supply and demand, with the consequent drop in prices and general crisis in the sector.

In view of this situation, Matrici and Batz have decided to join forces to stay ahead of their competitors, and in the last three years they have made a joint investment of 25 million euros for the launch of the aforementioned companies (with Matrici and Batz providing 60% of the capital and Mondragón Inversiones 40%), for the purchase of new equipment and to reinforce their technological response, enhancing R+D+i. This effort is already paying off in the form of more orders being obtained than the sector average, and, particularly, orders being received that require a forceful comprehensive response from the die manufacturers.


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