Mission, Vision and Values


MONDRAGON is a business-based socio-economic initiative integrated by autonomous and independent cooperatives with deep cultural roots in the Basque Country, created for and by people and inspired by the Basic Principles of our Co-operative Experience. It is firmly committed to the environment, competitive improvement and customer satisfaction in order to generate wealth in society through business development and the creation of, preferably co-operative, employment, which:

  • Is based on a firm commitment to solidarity and uses democratic methods for organisation and management;
  • Encourages participation and the involvement of people in the management, profits and ownership of their companies, developing a shared project which brings together social, business and personal progress;
  • Fosters training and innovation by developing human and technological skills;
  • Applies its own management model aimed at helping companies become market leaders and fostering co-operation.

We would like to become committed people, with a co-operative identity who form a profitable, competitive and enterprising business group in a global context; who apply a successful socio-business model, offering the market integrated solutions based on experience, knowledge, innovation, inter-cooperation, strategic partnerships, attracting, promoting and generating talent; and which generates sufficient resources to provide value-added employment and sustainable development for the community.


  • Co-operation: Owners and protagonists.
  • Participation: Commitment to management..
  • Social Responsibility: Fair distribution of wealth.
  • Innovation: Constant renewal.
Our principles
The Basic Principles of MONDRAGON assume and bring together the Universal Co-operative Principles updated by the International Co-operative Alliance. Approved at the first MONDRAGON Co-operative Congress held in October 1987, these contain the experience gained over half a century of co-operative activity on the part of the MONDRAGON Experience. The open and dynamic nature of these principles ensures they constitute guidelines which are open to whatever tomorrow brings.
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