As a co-operative enterprise, in organisational terms MONDRAGON is divided into four areas: Finance, Industry, Retail and Knowledge, which operate independently within the framework of an overall strategy, all in line with the strategic policies established at the Co-operative Congress.

As far as the different areas are concerned, Finance includes banking, social welfare and insurance activities. Industry is grouped into twelve industrial divisions engaged in the production of goods and services. Retail brings together the retail and food and agriculture co-operatives and businesses. And the Knowledge area includes the network of MONDRAGON technology centres and R&D units, our university, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, as well as a number of vocational training and education centres.

Co-operative bodies
  • General Assembly. this is the supreme body in the co-operative and is the vehicle for expressing the social will of all members.
  • Governing Council. the representative and governing body of the co-operative. Members are elected at the General Assembly.
  • Social Council. a consultative body, which represents members as a whole internally within the co-operative.
  • Monitoring Commission. a consultative body whose purpose is to pass judgement on correct compliance with accounting principles and any other areas which require consideration.
  • Management Council. this is the managerial and executive team that comprises the manager and managerial members, and is responsible for the executive management of the co-operative.
  • Co-operative Congress: its function is to establish the strategic criteria by which MONDRAGON is to be administered via the planning and co-ordination of its business units. It is made up of 650 members who are delegated by the co-operatives, and it meets on an annual basis.
  • Divisions: these are associations set up within the framework of MONDRAGON between co-operatives operating in the same area, which coordinate the management of their co-operatives.
  • Standing Committee: governed by delegation from the Co-operative Congress. Its basic function is to promote and control the implementing of policies and decisions adopted by the Congress, by monitoring the evolution of MONDRAGON on a permanent basis.
  • General Council: it is responsible for drawing up and applying corporate strategies and objectives. It coordinates the policies pursued by the different Divisions and Co-operatives.
  • Industrial Council: it is the co-ordinating body for the Industry area’s Divisions.