Corporate management model

The Corporate Management Model (CMM) can be explained by means of a constantly rotating circular graphic, which aims to express the interrelation between the different concepts it brings together and the dynamism required for it to be put into practice and continually adapted.
The Co-operative Basic Principles are the starting point at the centre of the circle. They provide guidelines of behaviour for People working in Co-operation to put into practice the Co-operative’s values. These are the people who are building a Shared Project and have a Participatory Organisation to put it into practice.

But this project is being carried out in a product-market context, with customers, suppliers, partners, etc. in the same environment as its competitors are operating. Although the fact that we are a co-operative offers clear advantages in applying the most advanced management concepts, they have to be put into practice to become an Excellent Company.

The results obtained are the most important point for assessing how effective the application of the CMM has been. There are no excellent companies with poor results. It is therefore essential to have the right dashboard and select the best indicators to check that we are getting good Socio-business Results.

The following pages set out each of these dimensions of the CMM, which make sense in themselves but are also highly interrelated.