MONDRAGON Foundation

MONDRAGON Foundation promotes social economy among the cooperatives that are part of MONDRAGON Corporation, encouraging professional training and social-cooperative education in them, and supporting research and development aimed at enhancing their technological capabilities.

Likewise, it supports activities by organisations that are not part of MONDRAGON Corporation that might be of interest to the MONDRAGON cooperatives.

Funds and allocations
MONDRAGON Foundation seeks to achieve its goals with the following corporate funds:

FEPI (Inter-Cooperative Promotion and Education Fund):, This fund, made up of the resources channelled to the MONDRAGON Foundation by the cooperatives that are members of the FEPI Agreement, is jointly managed to support:

  1. Professional training and social-cooperative education to enhance the capabilities of the executives, the technical staff and the partners of participating cooperatives, and of the educational centres associated to them.
  2. Research and development to boost the technological capabilities of the cooperatives that are FEPI members.

FCI (Inter-Cooperation Central Fund), Based on the resources contributed to MONDRAGON Foundation, this fund is meant to finance joint projects or activities of special interest carried out by the MONDRAGON cooperatives by means of:

  • Subsidies to relevant business or strategic projects.
  • Cooperatives or stock companies that can effectively build business and/or technology synergies to the benefit of the MONDRAGON cooperatives.
  • Promotion of new activities.
  • Financial strengthening of the MONDRAGON cooperatives and extraordinary support to the restructuring projects needed for adaptation to special situations.

FSC (Corporate Solidarity Fund), This fund comprises the financial resources channelled into MONDRAGON Foundation by the cooperatives in the industrial sector for their financial support.

In sum, the resources of MONDRAGON Foundation go to directly or indirectly promote the development of social economy, of research, education and training in technological, social and human fields for a gradual social and economic transformation in line with the evolution, capabilities and needs of MONDRAGON Corporation.

Foundation Board
The MONDRAGON Foundation Board is made up by the members of the MONDRAGON Corporation General Council, with representation of the MONDRAGON cooperatives through the various sector units in this governing body and of the individuals affiliated to the Corporate Centre.