Internationalization model

The Internationalization is vital for our business’ development. Aware of this need, MONDRAGON made ​​its first exports in early ’60s and in 1989 took a qualitative step, by opening his first foreign manufacturing plant in Mexico. Since then, based on a multi-location strategy , MONDRAGON has managed to be a Corporation with a high global profile.

Nowadays, MONDRAGON has 9 international Corporate Offices in Brazil, Russia , India , China , Taiwan, Vietnam, Mexico and USA , 125 production plants abroad and commercial presence worldwide plants.

Customized Services

MONDRAGON International team, offers three types of services:

  • Basic (internationalization): organization of trade fairs and missions, SME support programs , information on conferences and meetings and training interns, simplified method of strategic analysis, market research, selection of countries and a network of offices.
  • Advanced (multi-location): LCC sourcing platforms, core financing, corporate diplomacy , expatriate management, advanced market research, design, implementation and management of industrial parks and business implementation services.
  • Strategic (transnationalization): combined corporate and state diplomacy, competitive intelligence , integrated project management, transnational organizations, strategic alliances, expenses and innovation strategy.