Promotion Model

With the aim of boosting and stimulating an open and intercooperative entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to renew and update existing businesses and generate new ones, with a strategy of growth and greater added value.
The preferred areas of interest are linked to those that, from a broad perspective, have an impact on the industrial environment of influence. This will address the approach of projects linked to advanced manufacturing, smart cities, health, ecology, new materials, and the advances of the digital revolution.
MONDRAGON Promotion Center.
It is a private corporate platform specialising in the promotion of new business activities, as well as boosting and supporting the existing promotion in the cooperatives themselves.
It is composed of a team of promoters who, according to the projects, lead and manage the start-up of new business projects or provides support, technology and market contrast, as well as market prospects. It also models the value proposition and incorporates proposals for financing and corporate formation. Always with a preferential focus on combining existing capacities and supporting intercooperation between cooperatives and with third parties.
Its new vision is channelled towards the areas of industrial interest and those of strategic interest.