Humanity AT work

MONDRAGON: a world leader in co-working.

People who join forces to make a better future - one that is different, inclusive, responsible, fair, unselfish. SUSTAINABLE. Socially, economically and environmentally.


MONDRAGON operates in four business divisions: FINANCE, INDUSTRY, DISTRIBUTION and KNOWLEDGE. It is a reality of corporate identity, that seeks to take care of its people, which competes in the global market and which aims to make progress in common.

Competitiveness and cooperation

Iñigo Ucin, president

Cooperation makes us stronger and will enable us to deal with the complex and changing future that lies ahead, with the spirit, strength and resources necessary to respond to the demanding challenges we are going to face.
Iñigo Ucin, president
A spectacular response to the pandemic

In this unusual year of 2020, conditioned entirely by Covid-19, our cooperatives gave a really sensational, twofold response: on the one hand, they provided a useful solution to society, helping to overcome the challenges of the pandemic, either through the manufacture of protective measures, close collaboration with non-profit organisations, the purchase and supply of PPE or the logistical effort involved in basic supplies and the adoption of safety measures to keep the work centres operational.

On the other hand, in the economic sphere, they adopted measures to restrain spending and safeguard the treasury that have ultimately made it possible to complete an outstanding financial year, taking into account the difficulty of the situation that had to be negotiated.
And all of this thanks to the responsible conduct of our people, who understood the difficulty of the situation, adopting an attitude and resultant behaviour based on cooperative values and principles.

We therefore express our gratitude for all the hard work undertaken collectively, in solidarity and with commitment, to overcome such a complicated economic year. Once again, we have shown that cooperation makes us stronger and enables us to deal with the complex, changing future that lies ahead, with all the talent, strength and resources required to respond to the demanding challenges we will be facing.