A different way of studying

MONDRAGON: Cooperatives and leading educational centers working side by side with in the DUAL model. Training and real work are in our DNA.

A different
learning experience

Boost your professional career with Dual Training at MONDRAGON. Alternating training in which you study and work to gain experience and access the professional market.

In 1956, five students from the Professional School created the first MONDRAGON cooperative. Since then, the synergy between education and business is part of our DNA. We were born dual and we are dual.

Dual Training: study and work

We offer you the possibility of studying and working both if you’re a vocational training student or a college student, either undergraduate or graduate student. We provide dual programs, internships, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree dissertations and PhD programs.

MONDRAGON has now over 80,000 people all over the world. With us, you will be able to study and work at one of the 98 cooperatives that comprise MONDRAGON, leaders in a wide array of industries such as automotive, machine tool, distribution or finances.

Top-tier training centers

At MONDRAGON we are pioneers in providing alternating training o dual training with the creation of the Professional School in 1943.

That first Professional School gave birth to Mondragon Unibersitatea, a University with 5,600 students; Alecop, a student cooperative where 250 students combine education and work each year; and Lea Artibai and Txorierri, polytechnic schools committed to the dual model. Our centers provide quality training, in several languages and with practical and international experiences.

Dual Training in data

students have alternated education and work in the last 5 years
Students as interns in companies every year
Final dissertations at companies every year
Theses in cooperation with companies
Employment rate

Frequently asked questions

  • The dual training model encompasses several methods to combine your education with practical experiences in atual projects and challenges at the MONDRAGON Cooperatives. It will allow you to live your first experiences in a professional environment, receiving both educational and professional guidance from tutors.

There are four main types:

  • Internships: Internships at companies to apply your knowledge on the professional field you are studying.
  • Final dissertations: You will be able to develop your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree dissertation with real challenges at a Cooperative.
  • Dual programs: You can take a vocational training course, Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree combining learning in an academic environment and a professional environment.
  • Doctorates. We offer you the possibility of developing a multi-year research project to work on your doctoral thesis in a real environment.
  • They are meant for vocational training students, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree students and doctoral students.
  • The first is to make sure you meet the access requirements and have the required educational background; apply for the program you are interested in and we will give you information about your next steps.