Coorporative cooperation

Mundukide is formed by a group of people committed to solidarity and social justice. People with diverse backgrounds, we have cooperative cooperation in our DNA. Although our headquarters are located in Arrasate-Mondragón, we carry out development cooperation projects in Africa and South America. Currently 12 of the 20 people that make up our work team live in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia and Mozambique, which allows us to know first-hand the work to be carried out in the areas in which we collaborate..

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What we do?

Mundukide’s mission is to cooperate with the countries of the South. We share experiences, means and know-how, to promote the self-managed and integral development of the parties involved, activating the solidarity of the world of cooperative work, based and guided by the values and principles of Mundukide.

If you want to know more, check out the podcast with our cooperating partner Julio Martínez: (in Spanish):

“Ser cooperante es una experiencia única” — TUlankide MONDRAGON

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Josu Urrutia Mundukide directo
Josu Urrutia Beristain, director