MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON Osatu, Lana, Dikar, Fagor Arrasate, Fagor Electronica, Orbea, Matrici, Kutxa LABOR, Copreci, IK4-IKERLAN... see how… 1 day ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON Last week scottish chef Jock Zonfrillo was awarded the Basque Culinary World Prize 2018, during a prize-giving gala… 6 days ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON RT @EneaDesign: #LottusLounge is an evolution of the #Lottus range that has been designed to be lower and wider than other models. This mak… 1 week ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON Do you want to work in a place where you can develop professionally, learn and realize your projects, where innovat… 1 week ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON RT @OneClickLCA: @LKSgroupEsp Case Study on #WholeBuildingLifeCycleAssessment for #LEED has just been published: Re… 1 week ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON RT @etxepareEN: The documentary 'What is Bertsolaritza?' was premiered yesterday at Tabakalera. This project, made by @Bertsozale @Mintzola 1 week ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON RT @BCulinaryWP: We thank the Basque Government and @bculinary for granting and promoting this award through the framework of the Euskadi-B… 1 week ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON RT @coopnews: Here's an example of a retail co-op scheme to eliminate food waste and help those in need: @enMONDRAGON's Eroski supports #fo 1 week ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON RT @UNWTO: Calling all Tourism Gastronomy Startups! The 1st Global Gastronomy Tourism Startup Competition has been launched by UNWTO and @b 1 week ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON Last week, @DANOBATGROUP took another step in its international expansion and inaugurated a center of excellence in… 1 week ago

Mondragon is one of the leading Spanish business groups, integrated by autonomous and independent cooperatives with production subsidiaries and corporate offices in 41 countries and sales in more than 150.

11.936in total revenue (Million €)

266businesses and cooperatives


15technology centres

Sales and production presence around the world in the industrial, financial, retail and knowledge sectors. worldwide presence
Production sectors around the world:

finance industry knowledge retail

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