MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON “Almendras Llopis” will have a new temperature-controlled automated warehouse system 2 days ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON RT @ErrekaGroup: It will not be the video with the best image quality, however, is one of the best in terms of human quality. #ERREKA #ERRE 3 days ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON RT @EneaDesign: We start this new year presenting our new #CorporateVideo to convey our philosophy through our environment and to present o… 1 week ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON Mundukide, Orbea, LKS KREAN, IK4-IKERLAN, Fagor Arrasate, ERREKA, IK4-IDEKO… do you want to work in one of our coop… 1 week ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON Study and work at the MONDRAGON Corporation. We provide joint study and work openings for both occupational trainin… 2 weeks ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON The 21st century is approaching its second decade, but in @esMONDRAGON we started 2019 with the same enthusiasm as… 2 weeks ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON Mondragon Assembly installs a production line to Arab International Optronics in Egypt 3 weeks ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON From food to the automotive sector through finance or research, we are present all over the world. Do you want to w… 3 weeks ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON ULMA Construction is carrying out a megaproject in the heart Flushings, New York 4 weeks ago
MONDRAGON MONDRAGON @enMONDRAGON RT @coopnews: Presenting a soundtrack to the #coops experience: A new music and culture project from @enMONDRAGON 4 weeks ago

Mondragon is one of the leading Spanish business groups, integrated by autonomous and independent cooperatives with production subsidiaries and corporate offices in 41 countries and sales in more than 150.

11.936in total revenue (Million €)

266businesses and cooperatives


15technology centres

Sales and production presence around the world in the industrial, financial, retail and knowledge sectors. worldwide presence
Production sectors around the world:

finance industry knowledge retail

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