The presentation of the Fagor-Mercier cycling team to the media and the sports authorities took place in Mondragon Eskola Politeknikoa’s auditorium. Some of the most wellknown international cyclists like Luis Ocaña, Stephen Roche, Txomin Perurena and Luis Otaño rode for the Fagor team, which did not finally disappear from the scene until the mid-eighties
The MONDRAGON co-operatives now had more than 9,000 workers and the Zubiola co-operative, located in Azpeitia in the province of Gipuzkoa, formally joined.
In 1970, a contributor to TU Lankide alerted us to computers breaking in to the work environment, presuming that it would mean the increasing preponderance of technical mastery over the human aspect, which we could well call technical colonisation.