The crisis that started in 1974 would lead to serious difficulties in some cooperatives but, in spite of that, there was an increase in net employment in the co-operatives as a whole. Mutual support from the co-operatives and the magnanimous attitude of Caja Laboral, in short, Solidarity, was the key to our strength and this Solidarity has been MONDRAGON’s main tool for dealing with difficult and uncertain times.
Solidarity in terms of effort, but responsible Solidarity as Father José María maintained: “Nobody in need should be left helpless but neither should we protect, without distinction, those who act diligently and with caution and those who show no concern about things that should not be neglected”.
Caja Laboral and several other cooperatives signed formal collaboration agreements with the Ikerlan Technological Research Centre. Ulgor was awarded the Export Leader prize in official recognition of its technological capabilities and the quality of its products.