In 1978 specific work requested by the co-operatives from the Ikerlan Technological Research Centre accounted for 25% of the centre’s total activity, with the projects carried out involving 12 co-operatives from the Group.
The co-operatives Irizar and Alecop took a significant step in the foreign market. The order was for 40 fitted-out trucks for Venezuela, to be used as travelling classrooms and workshops. The bodywork was built by Irizar, and Alecop, a co-operative largely made up of students, was in charge of the educational equipment.
Three industrial co-operatives came into the Group: Herriola from Aulestia/ Murelaga, Kide located in Ondarroa and Ona-Pres from Trapagaran. It is also worth highlighting the setting up of the Goilan and Orbide groups. Goilan included the following co-operatives: Ederfil, Eredu, Irizar, Kendu and Orkli and the Orbide Group, in turn, included Berriola, Latz, Orona and Vicon