The III Co-operative Congress took place to approve the Organisational Project for the MCC (Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa) and the Basic Regulations for the Remuneration Policy. MONDRAGON was named by General Motors as Corporation of the Year in Europe for Service-Price Quality and, the same year, what is now LKS was set up as the continuation of Caja Laboral’s Business Division.
Irizar presented the Century, a new coach model in the design of which equal weight was given to comfort, safety and economy, with a reduction in fuel consumption.
Orona and Urssa, co-operatives in the construction sector, played a leading role in some of the most important buildings at the Universal Exhibition in Seville and in the facilities for the Barcelona Olympics. Fagor’s excellent image in the market was a determining factor in the company being selected as an official supplier for the Universal Exhibition in Seville, both to equip the Expo 92 City homes and for the catering equipment in the Spanish pavilion and in a number of the autonomous community pavilions.