The V Co-operative Congress, held in July, approved the Basic Regulations on the Company Structure of the Grassroots Co-operatives. Caja Laboral’s new strategic plan included support for the MCC corporate model, a policy of diversification in terms of the co-operatives’ financial suppliers and the optimisation of the quality of their services.
Irizar’s Century was already on the road in Great Britain. A lot of investment had been required to adapt the coaches to driving on the left, which is what they do in the United Kingdom and Ireland. A line, weighing 50 tonnes, to automatically manufacture fridge doors for General Electric in the United States was delivered by air and really put Fagor Arrasate’s logistics capabilities to the test.
Eroski celebrated its 25th anniversary with a large programme of activities and cultural events. The Valle Real shopping centre was opened in Camargo, Santander, with different business areas occupying a total retail floor space of 40,000 m2.