In the first year of the 21st century, MONDRAGON had 54,000 workers, assets under administration with Caja Laboral totalled €7bn, total sales came to €7bn and international sales, timidly started way back in 1966, accounted for 49% of industrial sales.
Irizar won the EFQM’s European Prize for Business Excellence. This was the icing on the cake to a period of nine years of uninterrupted success for the co-operative based in the province of Gipuzkoa. Bamesa awarded Fagor Arrasate a contract to manufacture and supply an important sheet metal cutting and processing line for its new service centre in Turkey (Bamesa Celik). The Bizkaiabased co-operative Elkar opened a new factory building in Larrondo and Fagor Ederlan opened, in Borja in the region of Aragon, a new factory to manufacture front suspensions. Likewise, continuing the policy of moving into new geographical areas and expanding its activities, the MCC, the ONCE and Gureak opened a Special Employment Centre in Guadalajara.