Faced with the widespread economic slowdown in the industrial sector, with a 1.2% drop in Spain, the MONDRAGON Industrial area achieved growth of 0.1% and continued to promote cooperative employment: 740 workers became co-operative members.
Investment set an historic record: €872m to increase and modernise production capacity, raise the level of internationalisation and consolidate the Corporation’s presence in activities related to new technologies. In the area of internationalisation Copreci moved into Italy with the takeover of Rampgas, Maier into Great Britain through Chromeco, Eika into the Czech Republic, Irizar, Coinma and Danona into India, and Copreci, Cikautxo
and Fagor Ederlan into Brazil.
Caja Laboral now had 300 branches and continued its expansion programme with 26 new offices, mainly in the regions of Castilla-León and Aragón.