The strong appreciation of the euro compared to the dollar had its effect on MONDRAGON’s international sales, which fell slightly over total sales: export sales and those from production plants at subsidiaries abroad accounted for €2.15bn.
Caja Laboral made progress in the implementation of the client-company Management Model, with new branches and combined offices, taking the total to 336, whilst its client base had reached 1,039,000. As for Lagun Aro, there were a total of 28,204 members, 52,835 beneficiaries and 6,523 pensioners.
The Eroski Group continued to grow with new stores including the hypermarket which was the driving force behind the Boulevard hopping Centre in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The second issue of “Eroski Financial Contributions”, to the value of €70m, funded the increase of the stake in Mercat. In the retail sector the Valencia-based cooperative Consum left the Group.