The international economic crisis began to be apparent, in a year of two clearly different parts: a first half of economic prosperity and a second half in which a fall in demand began to show. In this economic climate, MONDRAGON’s sales rose by 12%.
t was clear that for the Retail Area the takeover of Caprabo was the most important milestone in the year. With this operation, Eroski increased its retail and service floor space by 30% (2.5m new customers). In addition to this, new stores were also opened, 53% more than the previous year.
In the Financial Area, Caja Laboral’s turnover continued to rise, with an 8.7% increase in equity, 8.8% in total assets under administration and 15.5% in loans. As far as Lagun Aro EPSV is concerned, new record figures were achieved in terms of the number of members (30,476) and pensioners (8,176).