The MONDRAGON Co-operative Experience continues its daily work to develop its project in a difficult but especially important year: the International Year of Co-operatives, which is a great opportunity for MONDRAGON to make its singular model known and show itself to the world as a co-operative, competitive, innovative, socio-business reality operating at the global level.
MONDRAGON is part of the UN advisory group for the International Year of Co-operatives. Dame Pauline Green, President of the International Cooperative Alliance set out in TU Lankide the goals for the year, “the proclamation of 2012 as International Year of Cooperatives is something very special and we mustn’t waste the opportunity. The cooperative network is made up of thousands of people and all those co-operatives will be more visible in 2012; it will be an important year for co-operatives taking decisions at the local, national and world levels. We have planned a strategy to make the co-operative movement and its essence more visible in the world. We must create a real movement, fill it with content and promote it. This is how we’ll try to diversify the world economy, and in short, try to promote our model. Co-operatives are the key to the world economy, and must expand all over the world”.