In short, there were four aspects that defined the Group’s trajectory in 2019.

Firstly, the positive trend in MONDRAGON’s Industrial sector, as it was the first ever year in which sales exceeded six billion euros. In turn, the average number of jobs in the year amounted to more than 39,000. Two records that speak for themselves about the importance of Industry for the Corporation.

Secondly, the end of 2019 saw the start of talks for outlining the Corporation’s roadmap over the coming four years. “Política Socioempresarial 2021-2024” [Corporate Business Policy 2021-2014] and “Adecuación de la Misión” [Adapting the Mission] will be the two policy documents submitted to the next Congress, mapping out MONDRAGON’s future over the coming years.

Thirdly, a unique, once-in-a-lifetime project: “Humanity at Music – Sinfonia Kooperatiboa”. On 14 September last year, the Buesa Arena in Vitoria-Gasteiz hosted this unprecedented event in the Experience’s history. A cooperative symphony for adding the soundtrack to MONDRAGON’s human and business exploits. The musical memory of our cooperative movement is now part of our Experience’s cultural heritage.

Finally, 2019 was the year we said goodbye to José Mari Ormaetxea and Alfonso Gorroñogoitia, two of the founders of our Experience, two leaders, and two unique individuals that played a key role in the development of our cooperative movement.

The overall business trend was positive, in step with the growth dynamics of recent years.