2021 was a year of ups and downs with much media coverage, largely due to the pandemic, which saw a strong resurgence towards the end of the year. All signs were pointing to a gradual return to normal until the sudden spread of the Omicron variant across the globe, reviving old ghosts and stirring up fears from our recent past. “Vaccine” was the word of the year – as “lockdown” had been in 2020 – but there were also others like “next generation” or “microchips”, and one rather worrying financial term in particular was rescued from oblivion: inflation.

However, it was a positive year overall for business trends. Sales recovered, employment levels were maintained and business performance figures were good.

On a different note, some other highlights were the commemoration of Cikautxo’s 50th anniversary as a cooperative and the appointment of Rosa Carabel as the new Managing Director of Eroski, and also the presentation of the biographical book on one of the Cooperative Experience founders: “Jose María Ormaetxea, Toda una Vida Cooperativa”. It was also the year of the Mars landing of the Perseverance, and Goimek was involved in the manufacture of the space vehicle’s antenna, together with the engineering company Sener.