Geopolitical tensions caused by the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Palestine wars, together with the ongoing digital, ecological and socio-economic transitions and the highest inflation rates in many years heightened market uncertainty. However, despite this backdrop, it was a positive year for the Corporation’s businesses overall, showing that the cooperatives were able to adapt to the changing circumstances.

2023 was the year when San Sebastián-Donostia became the Social Economy Capital and when the new cooperative initiative MONDRAGON Health was launched, bringing together 7 cooperatives from the fields of health, healthcare and biotechnology. The Knowledge Division, made up of education centres, a university and technology centres, was also started up with the idea of strengthening MONDRAGON’s knowledge ecosystem. Another item making the news in 2023 was that Ekiola Mendialdea, based in Arraia-Maeztu (Álava), became the Basque Country’s first energy-producing citizens’ cooperative.

At the end of the year, the appointment of Pello Rodríguez Zabaleta as the new Chairman of the MONDRAGON General Council was also announced. He will replace Iñigo Ucin and will take on the post as from 1 August 2024.