A mutual support movement was established between the co-operatives in which it was possible to begin to see some of the Experience’s future structures timidly taking shape. This was an embryonic movement of what would later be called the Mondragón Co-operative Group, then Mondragóon Co-operative Corporation and now just MONDRAGON.
Back then in 1964 thought was being given to updating the organisation and it was emphasised that: “We need to think about developing a set of institutions to provide support for our co-operative aims and plans: institutions consistent with our social and economic vision. The co-operative movement will be a passing phenomenon if it does not come to the fore and openly develop in society as a whole thereby taking root in education and in social and economic relations”.
There were now one thousand students studying at the Escuela Profesional Politécnica and the co-operatives Irizar and Miba formally joined the movement.