In these early years in which the Country was starting its political life it was said that the co-operative movement could not classify itself under any specific symbol, as that would go against its own constitution, although it would make sense to place it in the socialist environment in the widest and most noble sense of the word: socialisation of resources, and democratisation of management, ownership and knowledge.
Restraint, on the part of the workermembers as a whole, made it possible to reduce the effect of personnel costs on sales by one percentage point in 1982. This stand made it possible to consolidate jobs in the co-operatives, and even create 327 new jobs.
The following co-operatives joined the Group: Lenniz, now part of Fagor Electrodomésticos, Leunkor, also now part of Fagor Arrasate, Orkli and Ondoan. The technological capabilities of the co-operatives were also reinforced with intense collaboration with the applied research centre Ikerlan.