The creation of the European Single Market, with the gradual disappearance of tariff barriers, was a great challenge for our co-operatives which had to adapt to the size and upgrade in technology required by the new rules of the game.
Lagun Aro’s General Assembly eliminated the Marriage Allowance, one of the most traditional benefits in our co-operatives. The social role of women meant that this historic benefit had become an anachronism that was difficult to justify. Fabrelec (today Edesa) became a part of Fagor, increasing its production and sales potential, which took the overall sales in the domestic appliance area to €313.85m, of which €96.71m were attributable to Fabrelec. Eroski added a new hypermarket in Berango (Bizkaia), a supermarket in Arrasate/Mondragón, an urban supermarket in Basauri, two specialist domestic appliance stores in Bilbao and Legazpi and a travel agency in Algorta to its chain.