On 14th April, coinciding with the anniversary of the setting up of Ulgor, the first co-operative, the MONDRAGON server was created on the Internet. This server offered visitors extensive information about the Corporation and about the unique characteristics of the Co-operative Experience (www.mcc.es).
MCC Desarrollo was formally set up as a corporate platform, with both the Basque Government and the MCC taking a holding, aimed at funding and developing industrial co-operative projects, by taking a temporary stake in their capital. The Household Division, in which Fagor Electrodomésticos was the biggest firm, posted sales of more than €600m, which was the mythical figure of 100bn pesetas. Enyca, a company specialising in telecommunications based in the Cantabria region joined the Group. Fagor Ederlan improved its production capacity with the installation of two new aluminium die-casting cells, of 1,800 and 2,500 tonnes respectively. Fagor Automation strengthened its international presence by opening new subsidiaries in United States.