It was a very positive year for MONDRAGON with an increase in the workforce of more than 7,500 people and sales up more than 13%, together with €866m of investment, mainly in the industrial sector.
Lagun Aro had a total of 29,538 members, in 120 co-operatives, with an increase of 299 people. There were 7,303 pensioners, 419 more than the previous year. Investment totalling €298m enabled the Retail Group to open 140 new stores, including 5 hypermarkets, 7 petrol stations, 49 branches of Eroski Viajes, 8 leisure and sports outlets and 49 perfume stores. The firm commitment to quality in product and process management was clear from the 108 IS0-9000 certifications and 42 IS0-14000 environmental quality certifications and EFQM assessments that the MONDRAGON co-operatives held. By way of example, Fagor Electrodomésticos’ Comfort Business received the Silver Q from Euskalit.